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Graduation Project ︎ The Tipping Point: Power is a major controlling force in life. Consciously or subconsciously, we all participate in its subtle dynamics on a daily basis. Power is a tightrope and we play the balancing act, never knowing if we will plunge to the depths or reach the other side victorious. The Tipping Point explores the fascinating state of flux that leads to dominance, or destruction. Neither here nor there, but that single moment where it is unclear who is in control. Consisting of posters and interactive sculptures, the project underlines this fragile and profound instability that is a constant presence, whether we like it or not. Pictures by Joost Termeer

︎Identity and poster design for a club night @Ekko (Client: Ekko)

︎ (UN)VEIL - The veil has a long history in society. It is used to signify good and evil, lifand death. But the accepted symbolic value of the veil (in western society) is a visual cue of innocence and purity, but also secrecy and concealment. (A4 Risograph)

︎ Top left: Album art for String Forces  ︎ Middle and bottem right: Instagram experiement where try to find the boundaries of these algorithms/moderators by posting porn pictures that are digitally altered so it’s context has changed. Name of page @moraldecay16 taken down November 22, 2016. The account was live for about 4 weeks. I posted 198 photos and the page was followed by 153 people. ︎ Top right: From print to E-reader, digital redesign for Crista Drenscher's - The Bigger Picture. A book about the video art in the public domain. ︎ Bottem Left: INTERNET (T)ERROR SQUAD - A (T)ERROR OCCURRED - Dystopian images of a once utopian place called the internet.

WHATCHAMACALLIT is an initiative created by 5 young creators that emerges every so often somewhere in the city of Utrecht, WHATCHAMACALLIT is a creative art space without a permanent home base, but with a persistent vision WHATCHAMACALLIT organizes various events that provide a way to create connections and start collaborations between different designers, artists, makers and the audience. These events vary from fashion shows, exhibitions, dinners, movie nights and everything in between. More TBA soon ︎

Poster design using information and aesthetics taken from old VHS boxes to create new visuals, cellebrating this forgoten medium.

Book design and concept - Solitude for beginners

This book conveys to the reader how many negative messages we are confronted with, in a newspaper, on a day to day basis. The aim of the book is to make the reader aware of how these words may affect someone with depression. (This book was presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair “Frankfurter Buchmesse” where I gave a talk about the concept of the book)

Poster V3.6

Composition of fragments - Collages made from cut 35mm Film 

Flyer for students that are new in Utrecht to give them information on the places te be in the city. (Client: HKU expertise centrum creatief ondernemersschap, HKU Cafe)

Book design - Anonymous as an individual in the Dutch bureaucratic refugee system, a different feeling of time and space emerges. In collaboration with Wouter Stroet and photographer Maite Vanhellemont, we made a publication, which gives an abstracted impression of this situation. The publication consists of two booklets and a poster, Hand bound and in edition of 50, (signed by Maite Vanhellemont

Visual research about surveillance, (fake) security, privacy, state power, power structures, civil disobedience and (digital) activism. More will be added soon.

︎ Ostranenie - The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. The technique of art is to make objects 'unfamiliar', to make forms difficult, to increase the difficulty and length of perception because the process of perception is an aesthetic end in itself and must be prolonged. Art is a way of experiencing the artfulness of an object; the object is not important (Viktor Shklovsky "Art as Technique") This installation was exhibited at LUSTlab in The Hague

︎ Right: For the exhibition 'Metafiction' I made a video called 'Behind the Green Door (made out of footage from the eponymous film) focussing on the term 'interracial', Showing that concepts of race relations are clearly antiquated within the porn industry ︎ Left: Tears from the past - Video Experiment were I try to combine grief with photographs (which represent memories) from before my troubled childhood started. The drips symbolises tears and the refraction of the water symbolises the fading and distortion of a memory.

Concurrence (Video) - Our childhood is the fundament for how we develop as an adult. However how we experience childhood is very personal and unique. But playing is a universal part of being a child and it’s also a concurrent thing. Unfortunately this playfulness gradually disappears over time. So when we look at footage of children playing we see how we used to be, although we don’t realise the effect this playfulness had on the construction of the present. This movie was shown at the Cinedans film festival at the EYE filmmuseum

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