Bad Guys are everywhere

Good Guys are somewhere

︎ Bad Guys are everywhere, Good Guys are somewhere

A2 Poster

︎ UTRECHT CENTER OF THE WORLD (RAVE) Design & Art Direction, with Mischa Appel for WHATCHAMACALLIT
A2 Poster + Campaign

Poster proposals for a toy company ︎

A1 Poster

︎ Brittle Spirits everywhere (wip)

A1 Poster

︎ Venus de Milo (Milo also means “prettily” in Serbian, coincidence?)
A1 Poster

︎ Untitled

A1 Poster

︎ MMXIX (2019) - New Year, New Encounters

A1 Poster

︎ Art direction & poster design for De Discotheek, a monthly clubnight at Ekko and sometimes at the Tivoli Vredenburg.

︎ Commisioned poster for the exhibition CREEPS PART 2!
Including:  Bráulio Amado, Bob Mollema, Stefan Starke,
Nonna and Jason Murphy (Kapitaal — Utrecht)

50X70 Posters

︎ Spasite ot syda (SOS)
Save me from judgement

A1 Poster

Catacombe Victor D. Ponten.
Responsible for the graphic design of the Football Clubs (Credited)
Creative Director: Joachim Baan - Behind the scenes photography by Milan van Dril - Courtesy of New Amsterdam Film Company

︎ Personal business cards made of festival bands. Often imitated, never duplicated.
Print run of 500

︎ The Saints have eyes - Unpublished poster submitted for the exhibition:
/b/channel w/ Plǝt- [2/6] Bad Posters at fanfare amsterdam

A1 Poster

︎ A moment of trauma: the terror of the new (WIP)
A1 Poster

︎ Shadows turn to grey
A3 Risograph

︎ Visual for Ekko: De Discotheek local Edition (Utrecht)

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